Tempostorm is one of the largest esports franchises in the world. CEO, Andrey Yanyuk, had a vision for the next generation of TV- a live travel show. Yanyuk got the approval from Twitch to produce the worlds first high definition travel show, where all of the action happened LIVE.

the work

We were tasked to create something that has never been done before... a streaming set up that could send HD quality video and audio from anywhere in the world. Toybox took this project on as a full service campaign, from writing and planning every episode, to onsite production. 

The Challenge

The challenges were monstrous. Nobody had ever done a live, highly mobile, travel show. The technology was extensively researched by our team, and we put together a proprietary combination of hardware that allowed us to keep staff down to 2-3 people, while shooting a TV quality production.


We accomplished something that has never happened before and made Twitch (and internet) history in the process. With over 300 hours of live streaming taking place, 30+ million minutes of content watched, and massive channel growth, Game Changers was a success to say the least. It was an experiment that proved its value time and time again.