Red bull

Tempest Awards
Best Event Stream Finalist  


Red Bull just brought Ninja on as a new athlete, and they wanted to do something huge to show the world. They rented out the top floor of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago, Illinois, and through a massive tournament that took place from sun down until sun rise.

the work

We were asked to live stream the entirety of the 12 hour tournament. They wanted multiple camera angles, graphic overlays, and to be able to have a host in the crowd to interview match winners after each round of gameplay.

The Challenge

The Willis Tower is well above any cellular towers, and providing high speed internet to 100+ competitors while simultaneously running a 1080p60 stream proved to be a huge issue. During pre-production we were promised a certain amount of bandwidth, and it didn't align with what the actual bandwidth was when we set up.

Along with internet, the top floor has a layout that makes streaming wirelessly from four corners difficult. Not to mention the intricacies of using commercial cameras for 12 hours straight.


We found solutions to all of the issues on the fly. Live streaming will always present challenges, but clients like Red Bull, and athletes like Ninja can't afford to have a low quality product. The stream was the first of its kind and was a finalist for Best Event Stream by the Tempest Awards (a world renowned esports event).